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 Character Design

Character design is the exciting process of ferrying characters from one’s head to sketches on paper.

Using design language our artists explore multiple concepts, clarify ideas, refine design, and solidify chemistry.

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Environment Design is the art of crafting appropriate supporting worlds for characters to live in.

The goal is to design environments that inform the characters that inhabit them, just as the characters inform the environment. 

Character ModelinG

Modeling is the art of translating 2D concepts into a complete 3D form.

Our modelers give mass and dimension to an idea, along with color and stylized textures. 

Once the 3D design is realized, our modelers convert the asset from an appealing and detailed sculpt to a technically efficient polygonal model ready for rigging and animation.



 Character Animation

Animation is where a character’s individual personality and physicality are developed and fine-tuned.

Whether it's the wave of a hand or a complex group of actions, every character has a unique way of moving and expressing themselves that adds to their story. 

Our animators use dynamic posing and expert timing to create a fluid sequence of motion on screen, full of personality and heart.  


Rigging - the creation of 3D puppets as rigs - is the backbone of all animation. We generate skeletons and complex systems to manipulate characters and assets through 3D space.

We use our in-house tools to establish unique rigs for each project, which supports dynamic and expressive animations ready for both traditional and real-time projects.


Cloth & Hair Simulation

Cloth and Hair Simulations are some of the final steps to bringing our characters to life.

Creating believable movement and textures takes our characters to the next level and gives them a true sense of life.

Using powerhouse tools like Xgen and Marvelous designer, combined with proprietary coded tools, we can enhance any character‘s style or fashion needs.



AR Filters


Augmented Reality Filters provide a unique engagement experience between users and 3D art assets. They can help build brand recognition, facilitate organic growth, and allow a business to connect with traditionally hard-to-reach audiences.

Our augmented reality filters can be seen across multiple Google products and provide immersive character-based experiences on their platforms.

Avatar Systems

A creative and technical design challenge, Avatar System assets & technologies are one of our primary client deliverables.

A well designed avatar system offers inclusivity and representation, as well as a sense of style, fashion and, of course, fun.

We offer multiple tiers of solution complexity based on the technical specs of each project.




The Pipeline is what helps a production run fluidly. Studio Zubio uses industry-proven processes to move content from visual development through production and post-production.

Our flexible toolset provides manageable workflows to deliver finished products or plug into existing client pipelines. Our asset and shot publishing tool suite ensures consistent handoffs between artists and TDs.


Our world-class Rigging API utilizes independent rig systems as modules.


We assemble complex rigs which interconnect using a "plug and socket" relationship. Each module acts as a unique motion or deformation system and each rig is comprised of many unique modules. This allows for an ever increasing variety of character and asset rigs to be generated quickly and optimally.


Any of our engineers and technical directors can architect customized modules using our API.

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